Baby Class Testimonials

“(My son) loves class… We have really enjoyed it and I see the musical skills carrying through at home…  Thanks for offering such a delightful program!”
K.G. Sugar Land

“Thank you Danette for your response! We love music class and (my child) looks forward to it every week… I think the teachers do a fabulous job of keeping the class engaged. I sure do understand how hard it is to entertain a toddler for an hour. 🙂 I’m happy to know that I’m doing everything I can to nurture her proper learning environment and etiquette… One thing is certain–children DO learn from one another and (my child’s) progress in class is a shining example of that. Thank you for all you do for your students (and their parents 🙂
D.B. Sugar Land

“My child and I enjoy our classes at Dolce Music Studio. We will continue our lessons there. The teachers are warm and friendly.”
(from a parent after completing their 4 Living Social Offer classes)

“(My child played) the triangle today. This was the first time that I saw him do this himself. (He) also played “piano” (musical term for softly) on the drum himself! Daddy is so proud!
J. M. Sugar Land

“I was blessed to be able to attend Baby Suzuki with Mrs. Danette with my older son for over a year.  He learned so much in just one hour a week and he loved it.  We would sing the songs throughout the week and he would always look forward to class.  I loved that the music was sung in class and not played off a tape recording.  I loved that he got to experience real musical instruments.  I loved how patient and loving his instructors were.  Since then we have moved to Qatar.  I have gone to countless music classes trying to find something that even kind of resembles what we had in Mrs. Danette’s class.  Not a single class I have found even comes close to the quality of Mrs. Danette’s class.  She is an amazing teacher and her class is truly one of a kind.”
M.T. Quatar (formerly Sugar Land)

“The music was beautiful at every turn.”
J.O. Houston

“What a treat to be at (my daughter’s) music class. It gives me great pleasure to know she’s getting so excited about her class. She sings songs from class at home, so I know she’s getting it. it was great to be back… i’m reminded of all the good time I had with (my son) and it’s great for (my daughter) to have the same experience. God bless you teachers!”
G.S. Sugar Land

“Playing the durms to develop self-control was a particularly memorable exercise – how important it is to develop self-control at an early age. Taking turns and engaging with other babies was also a very memorable and fun part of the class today.”
J.O. Houston

“I am so excited to see you all again.  (My son) still asks about music class all the time.  He will be so excited!”
H.S. Sugar Land

“The regular attendance of this class has a cumulative effect – even and especially on a child/baby as young as (my child) who is now just over 2 months old.”
J.O. Houston

“(My 4 month old baby) watched the activities. he enjoyed going up and down with the glockenspiel. He listened to the triangle. Finally, he was so comfortable that he fell asleep (during story time).
A.M. Sugar Land

“(My child) and I miss your baby Suzuki class very much. (She) still likes to look at her photo album and remembers many of the songs. Again, we miss your class a lot! I wish I was back in Sugar Land. I’d take (my new baby) to your class. We haven’t found anything quite the same.”
J.T. London, England

“Attention span is a learned skill – thank you for speaking on this important topic today (during our parent education time). The opportunities for individual participation – to develop leadership and related skills, as noted last week, were also particularly noteworthy today.”
J.O. Houston

“We are so excited for (my second child) to begin class. She can push herself into a sitting position now and is mimicking sounds. She is going to LOVE music class! I will try to play the CD for her as much as possible the next week.”
K.B. Sugar Land

“So glad I found this and thank you for having this program in the Sugar Land area!”
A. R. Sugar Land

“(My child) walked in the circle by himself and clapped his hands… I was impressed with his ability to do what everyone else was doing on the drum…. He loves to sing when everyone is singing. What a great week of watching him learn and grow!”
M.L. Houston

“(My baby) definitely was tracking the drum today as it went around the circle. The repetition of being in class made him more aware of his surroundings. he is now just 8 weeks old. Also, I was holding him outside of the circle, but as soon as he heard everyone play softly on the drum during ‘This Old Man’, he got a huge smile on his face…”
A.M. Sugar Land

“Thank you… it was truly a joy to attend the class last week – seeing the other moms attending with their precious children, experiencing the VERY beautiful, stimulating and unique exercises and most of all having that special time with (my child) …in the meantime I will continue to spread the word…”
J.O. Houston

“(My baby) was getting fussy toward the end (of class). As soon as he heard the violin he settled down and listened – he loved it. After the music stopped, he started getting fussy again.”
A.M. Sugar Land

“Thank you so much… It was SUCH A WONDERFUL experience for us! …we REALLY appreciate all you did. Thanks again.”
C.D. Dublin, CA

“Thank you for a wonderful year. (My son) had so much fun taking music class. He has learned so much. I enjoyed the opportunity to do this with my child. It was a lot of fun.”
J.C. Sugar Land