Covid-19 Guidelines and Policies

Current Guidelines for in-person instruction

The following guidelines are in effect immediately and until further notice for all in-person/face-to-face lessons, classes and events, indoor or outdoor. The health and safety of everyone is our first priority and we will also be respectful of everyone’s privacy. If we err on the side of caution, we consider that to be an acceptable choice. There are still uncertainties and we will be patient and cautious as we navigate this gradual return to “normal”. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation. We appreciate your help in carefully reading and following these guidelines.

Precautions: Masks will now be optional for everyone in one-on-one situations and in teacher training classes. Masks and social distancing will be REQUIRED for everyone in attendance at all in-person baby/toddler classes, group classes, master classes, and multi-family events, outdoors or indoors where children are present. Please attend teacher classes at your comfort level, but please note, no online options will be available for any teacher training classes. Since the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection from Covid-19 100% or prevent transmission of the virus, especially the Delta and Omicron Variants, everyone’s choice to wear a mask and observe social distancing will be respected. We ask that everyone still follow hand washing/sanitizing procedures, both to keep instruments clean and to reduce transmission of disease.

Illness: Anyone in attendance, students, parents, siblings, etc. presenting symptoms (including fever, other Covid-19 symptoms, and/or symptoms of any other contagious illness) will be asked to leave immediately and will forfeit their lesson or class.

Vaccination: Everyone’s personal choice to be vaccinated or not will be respected. No questions will be asked about whether or not anyone has been vaccinated.

Personal health information: Everyone’s personal privacy will be respected and no questions will be asked about your vaccination status, personal health conditions or individual risk factors for Covid-19.

Exposure: If you or an immediate family member have recently been in contact with someone who was diagnosed with Covid-19 or has had Covid-19 symptoms, have traveled recently outside of the US, or are currently awaiting COVID-19 test results, you may not attend in person classes.

Parent attendance: A parent MUST be with the student at all times, in the room, during all in-person baby/toddler classes, lessons, or events for the entire time they are in attendance. You may NOT drop off your child or leave the room or the building. (the only exceptions are for students who are of driving age and drive by themselves to their lesson or class or those participating in childcare provided at our location.)

Food and drink: No food or drinks will be consumed inside the classrooms at Christ Church. Please plan accordingly and make sure you and your child have had adequate sustenance before coming to lessons/classes.

Online instruction: Online options will not be available for SECE teacher training courses.

These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in forfeiture of your class. There will be no makeups.