Destination Disney


ITINERARY  (click here for printable .pdf)

Day 1 (Tuesday, Dec 27)

4:00 am Arrive at Houston William P. HOBBY Airport, 7800 Airport Blvd., Houston, TX 77061
(everyone gets to the airport on their own) 
Bags MUST be labeled with your Disney luggage tags before you arrive at the airport.
Wear your navy blue tour group t-shirt – WRONG LOGO (on the left side)
6:05 am Southwest Flight 4621 depart Houston P. Hobby for Orlando International Airport
9:15 am arrive at Orlando International Airport
10:00 am Load Disney Magical Express shuttle and depart for Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, 1801 West Buena Vista Dr., Orlando, FL 32830 (407) 939-6000
(Luggage will be picked up and delivered to Resort by Disney (22.7 miles; 28 minutes)
10:30am Arrive at Disney All-Star Music Resort and Store luggage
10:45am Head to the parks! Disney Resort buses available outside the hotel to the Disney Parks.
Everyone has one Disney meal voucher for this day.
3:00pm Earliest check-in time at hotel rooms
5:00-6:30pm Meet back at hotel for REHEARSAL. Watch for a “Remind” text from Miss Danette will send a “Remind” text for exact location.
6:30pm  head back to the park, go to dinner, etc.
8:00pm FANTASMIC live action show with fireworks before park closes.

Day 2 (Wednesday, Dec 28)
Breakfast at the hotel – opens at 6:30am (included in your trip package)
8:30am Load Mears Bus Transportation and depart for Universal Studios/ Islands of Adventure 6000 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819, (14.3 miles; 21 minutes)
9:00am Arrive at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Spend day at park
Everyone has 1 Universal meal voucher for this day
5:15pm Meet at Hard Rock Café (outside of Universal Studios) 
Group Dinner at Hard Rock Café (included in your trip package) 6050 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819 (407)-351-7625
(3 minute walk – out of entrance)
5:30pm-7:00pm Hard Rock Café Group Dinner

7:00pm board bus and go back to hotel (if you wish to stay at the park till closing, you may, but you will be responsible for a cab or Uber to get back to the hotel)

Day 3 (Thursday, Dec 29)
Breakfast at the hotel – opens at 6:30am (included in your trip package)
Get dressed – FORMAL CONCERT OUTFIT (pack street clothes to change into after performance)
9:45am Load instruments and board Mears Transportation Bus (wearing formal concert outfit)
10:15am Depart for Disney Springs (formerly known as “Downtown Disney”) on Mears Bus (5.2 miles; 15 minutes)
10:45am Arrive at Disney Springs – drop parents off at Disney Springs entrance and pick up accompanist, performers continue on bus to the “Team Disney Building” (backstage performance area) to Meet Disney official for performance instructions
12:15-12:45pm our Performance on the Waterside Stage
12:50pm performers board bus and return backstage to “Team Disney Building” to change into street clothes.
1:00pm performers take bus to Disney Springs main entrance to meet parents for lunch together (not included in your trip package) and shopping time at Disney Springs
2:30pm Load bus and return to Disney All-Star Music Resort
3:00pm Arrive at Disney Resort Hotel/Pool time and swimming/relaxing at the hotel, OR – use one of your Disney Park-Hopper pass days now and go to the Park

Day 4 (Friday, Dec 30)
Breakfast at the hotel – opens at 6:30am (included in your trip package)
Wear your INFORMAL CONCERT OUTFIT (or bring with you to change later)
8:00am Before leaving for the park, check instruments with Miss Danette and our tour host for later transport to the workshop.
Visit the Parks (Epcot suggested for this day)
Everyone has one Disney meal voucher for this day
5:00pm Delivery of instruments and accompanist by Tour Host and Miss Danette to Backstage of Epcot
5:30pm Meet your performing group in Epcot at the “Italy” Pavilion, wearing your Informal Performance Outfit – navy blue tour group shirt with CORRECT LOGO (on the right side)
Performers will be escorted to the workshop area “Studio A” located in a “backstage” area of Epcot. Parents & siblings will enjoy Epcot during the workshop.
6:00pm Disney Workshop begins
8:30pm Disney Workshop concludes – return all instruments to vehicle (tour host and Miss Danette will return to hotel with instruments and accompanist)
8:45pm Return to park to meet parents and families at Epcot at the “Italy” Pavilion.

Day 5 (Saturday, Dec 31) NEW YEAR’S EVE
Breakfast at the hotel – opens at 6:30am (included in your trip package)
Enjoy your day at the Disney parks! Miss Danette suggests New Year’s Eve at the Magic Kingdom! (parades, fireworks, etc.)
Everyone has one Disney meal voucher for this day

Day 6 (Sunday, Jan 1)
Breakfast at the hotel – opens at 6:30am (included in your trip package)
Everyone has one Disney meal voucher for this day
Either spend the day at the park (if you didn’t use your park hopper pass on Thursday) OR spend the day at the hotel – sleep in, pack, swim, etc. (if you did go to the park Thursday)
11:00am hotel room checkout time
4:30pm Depart for Orlando International Airport via Disney Magical Express from hotel, Orlando International Airport , 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd Orlando, FL 32827 (407) 825-2001 (21.8 miles; 28 minutes)
5:30pm Arrive at Orlando International Airport Check in
7:25pm Southwest Flight 457 Group (23 travelers) departs Orlando International Airport for Houston
9:00pm Group arrives at Houston P. Hobby Airport



Our Disney World Tour includes a round trip flight from Houston to Orlando, a Disney “You’re Instrumental” workshop where we will rehearse and play a Disney movie soundtrack and make a DVD, a concert onstage at Disney Springs, a fun day visiting Harry Potter at Universal Studios, and 2017 New Year’s Eve festivities at the Magic Kingdom!

Dates: December 27, 2016 – January 1, 2017

**Cost and payment schedule:

Payment #1 (deposit) due 9/24/16,    payment #2 due October 24,    payment #3 due November 21

$2215.00 per person (quad occupancy)     #1 $375.00     #2 $920.00      #3 $920.00
$2290.00 per person (triple occupancy)     #1 $375.00     #2 $957.50      #3 $957.50
$2440.00 per person (double occupancy)  #1 $375.00     #2 $1032.50    #3 $1032.50

**Cost is best estimate at the date of this email. Airfares are not locked in without deposits from every participant. Quad occupancy indicates 4 persons staying in one hotel room. We will have more information about babies/toddlers under the age of 5 soon. Breakfast is included at the hotel. Performance and workshop fees plus motor coach transportation to performance, workshop, and Universal (as required by Disney World) included. Please note: pricing is based on a minimum of 20 people traveling. Disney also requires a minimum of 10 performers for our Disney Springs performance.