Texas Tour Rep 2017

Texas Tour Repertoire 2017
(scroll down for links to recordings and sheet music)

Millionaire’s Hoedown – Clebanoff
Tango – McLean
Humoresque – Swanee River
Hunters Chorus – Weber
Seitz 5/1
Seitz 5/2
Milk Cow Blues
What Makes You Beautiful
Deep in the Heart of Texas
(we may add a couple more tunes to include Celeste and GG… possibly from the Fiddle workshop rep below, or a couple of Suzuki review pieces, just for fun ūüėČ )

McKenzie’s Fiddle & Suzuki Workshop Repertoire
(we anticipate that the pieces in bold will be on the concert)

Suzuki – Twinkle – Var. A (MSS) – Var. C (Shuffle) – Theme
Happy Farmer/Red Wing
Brahms Waltz
Gavotte in G Minor
Humoresque/Swanee River
(everything in violin keys – Gavotte in G minor is in same key for violin and viola)

Group 4 РThe Plainsman, San Antonio Rose, Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Group 3 РBlue Eagle, Home on the Range, Snowflake Reel
Group 2 РSnow Deer, Edelwiess, Liverpool Hornpipe
Group 1 РOld Joe Clark, Liza Jane, Boil the Cabbage
ALL GROUPS: Boil the Cabbage

-The tune listed in bold¬†above¬†for your group should be first priority for memorization. Anyone may join in on any of the tunes at the Fiddle Jam Session on Friday night, but each GROUP¬†will perform one tune as a class at the Saturday concert and everyone will play Boil The Cabbage together. (the fiddle music on the concert will not be a “play-down” like the Suzuki pieces)
-If you went to Greenville in October, the Happy Farmer/Red Wing is the same version we played there.
-We anticipate that everything on the concert will be performed from memory, including Suzuki harmony parts.
-Everyone in Group 3 and 4 will participate in a LEAD SHEET CLASS on Saturday where you will learn to read chord symbols from a lead sheet and improvise chords and “backup parts” (similar to the viola parts in Millionaire’s Hoedown) that you may also use in the concert.
-The¬†Western Flyers band will follow the students with music for concert and for dancing.¬†Some of the additional fiddle tunes from the workshop will be played and students will be invited¬†to “sit in with the band” if they are comfortable with the tunes.


Deep in the Heart of Texas РViolin I  Deep in the Heart of Texas РViolin II
Deep in the Heart of Texas РViola    deep-in-the-heart-of-tx-new-cellobass-line
Deep in the Heart of Texas recording

Red Wing Fiddle Part   happy-farmer-red-wing-vln-cello
Red Wing recording

The Plainsman   The Plainsman recording

San Antonio Rose Lead   San Antonio Rose Harmony
San Antonio Rose recording

Golden_Eagle_Hornpipe   Golden Eagle video recording

Blue Eagle   Blue Eagle recording

Home On the Range Lead    Home On the Range Harmony
Home on the Range recording

Snowflake Reel

Snow Deer Lead    Snow Deer Harmony
Snow Deer recording

Edelweiss   Edelweiss recording

Liverpool Hornpipe   Liverpool Hornpipe recording

Old Joe Clark in A  Old Joe Clark recording

Liza Jane Fiddle Part   Liza Jane recording

Boil the Cabbage Fiddle
    Boil the Cabbage recording