SECE Mini-Course: Preparing Your SECE Assistant

Preparing Your Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Assistant:
A mini-course with Danette Warren (Schuh), Registered SAA SECE Teacher Trainer

SECE Teachers, it’s often difficult or it sometimes just feels impossible to find a trained partner teacher for your SECE Baby/Toddler classes. This 2-day, 5-hour mini-course will take you through the ins and outs, ups and downs of finding and preparing an assistant to help you teach your SECE classes right away, until your assistant can get formal training and become your partner teacher. This mini-course will include online lecture and discussion and your assistant is welcome to attend with you for a reduced course fee. There will also be the opportunity to receive written feedback if participants would like to turn in an optional written assignment. Can’t attend live? Register for a video link after the course and view at your leisure until Dec. 31, 2022. 


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Date: Friday, November 25 & Saturday, November 26, 2022
Time: 1:30pm-4:00pm (Central Time/Houston) Friday
           1:30pm-4:00pm (Central Time/Houston) Saturday
Location: Online with Zoom. Links will be emailed after payment is received.

Fees: $85.00 Course fee (trained SECE teacher participant attending live)
          $35.00 Course fee (assistant/helper participant attending live)
          $55.00 Video Link Course Fee for trained SECE teachers who cannot attend live
          Payment may be made by Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal. Major credit cards are also accepted (email if you wish to pay by credit card)


Pre-requisites: it is assumed that SECE teachers participants are current active SAA members, have completed and registered SECE Stage One training and have had prior experience in teaching the SECE baby/toddler classes. There are no pre-requisites for assistants.
Policies: All fees are non-refundable (unless the course is full before your application is received). Absences cannot be credited or refunded.
Photos and recording: Please refrain from taking photos, audio recordings, video, and/or screenshots of any baby/toddler classes that are pictured during the course. Photos/audio/video/screenshots during the class are only allowed for your own personal study use. No photos/audio/video/screenshots may be posted online or used in print without written permission from Danette Warren.

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Questions? Check out our FAQ’s below or contact
Danette Warren
713-542-5428 – text



Q. I have a student who would like to be my teaching assistant. Is there an age requirement to take this course? 
A. No. There is no age requirement for this mini-course. Your assistant can be a student of any age that you feel is appropriate for your teaching assistant.  

Q. Can I have multiple assistants take the course with me?
A. Yes. You may have as many assistants as you like participate in the Zoom mini-course. The fee is $35 per assistant.

Q. Will this course utilize the new SECE revised curriculum?
A. Yes. 

Q. I have not taken SECE Stage One yet. Will this mini-course teach me how to teach SECE?
A. No. this course only addresses the aspects of preparing an assistant/helper to assist with your SECE class until they can get formal SECE training and become a full partner teacher. It is assumed that SECE teachers have taken and registered SECE Stage One training before taking this mini-course.

Q. Can I take SECE Stage One online?
A. Not at this time. All SECE Stage 1 through 5 training is required to be held in person. 

Q. What about “revisiting Stage One”? Can that be taken online?
A. There is a new SAA course that is ready to be released called “Revisiting Stage One”. It can be taken online, in person or hybrid/hyflex. It is similar to the Revisiting Unit One instrumental courses. Danette will be teaching a Revisiting Stage One course at PPSI Institute (Peaks to Plains) in Boulder, CO in July 2023.

Q. Can I register this class with the SAA?
A. No. This mini-course does not meet the 10-hour requirement for registration with the SAA as an Enrichment Course.

Q. What will we be studying in the class?
A. This 5-hour mini-course focuses on the following:
·         How to find potential people to become teaching assistants/helpers
·         How to prepare your assistant/helper to assist you in class
·         Ideas for teacher/assistant practice
·         Strategies for guiding your assistant to become more independent
·         Planning for future training and teacher development
·         Ideas for teaching SECE Baby/Toddler classes both in person/face-to-face and online with Zoom
·         Participants will be given an optional written assignment during the course. Assignments that are turned in will receive written feedback from the trainer
·         Participants will have the opportunity to participate in online discussion and may have the opportunity to lead the course participants in a sample online class activity, time permitting
·         Time for participant Q&A will be included

Q. Will there be breaks?
A. Yes. There will be a couple short “stand-and-stretch” breaks as needed during the course.


Q. Do I need any special set up to take this course?
A. No special equipment is required. It is recommended that you set up a free account with Zoom. You will get best results if you are able to sign up for a paid account with Zoom to take advantage of the additional features. An ethernet connection (wired, not wireless) to your desktop or laptop computer will give you the best online connection. It is possible to participate on your phone or ipad/tablet, but you will have the best results using a larger screen. An external microphone is not required, but it will definitely enhance your sound online. Please prepare your physical location for an optimal, quiet, focused learning environment so that you receive the maximum benefit from this course.

Q. I have more questions, how do I contact you?
A. Please text 713-542-5428