Repertoire for Touring Ensemble 2015-16

Dolce Strings Touring Ensemble
Repertoire 2015-16

Series #3


Clebanoff, Millionaire’s Hoedown (Solos for Young Violinists, Bk. 2)
Dvorak, Humoresque (book 3) with Swanee River
Seitz, Concerto No. 5, 1st movement (book 4)
Ungar, Wizards Walk
Bach Gavotte (book 5) (unaccompanied)
Bugler’s Holiday, Anderson
Milk Cow Blues
Vivaldi, Concerto in A Minor, 1st movement (book 4)
Bach, Double, 1st movement (violin books 4 & 5, viola book 5)
Ungar, Lover’s Waltz
Deep in the Heart of Texas

PLAY IN LIST (with other Suzuki groups during the tour)

Seitz 2/3
Gavotte in G minor
Hunter’s Chorus
Minuet II in C Major
Allegro in D Major
Lightly Row in D Major
Twinkles in D Major

PLAY IN LIST (with the “Group Experience” at the March 5 workshop)

Hunter’s Chorus
Chorus from Judas Maccabeus in C Major

Minuet I in C Major
Allegro in D Major
French Folk Song in D Major
Lightly Row in D Major
Twinkles in D Major


Destination Disney – Nov. 2016

New repertoire for Destination Disney:

McLean, Tango

—–McLean Tango Violin parts 1, 2, 3
Recording Violin 2

—–McLean Tango Viola 2
—–McLean Tango Viola 3
—–McLean Tango Cello
Seitz, Concerto No. 5, 2nd & 3rd mvts.
—–Seitz 5-2 melody and harmony – violin
—–Seitz 5-3 harmony – violin
—–Seitz 5-3 harmony viola
Vivaldi A Minor 2nd & 3rd mvts. (books 4 & 5)
—–Vivaldi A Minor 2nd mvt harmony violin
—–Vivaldi A Minor 3rd mvt harmony violin
—–Vivaldi A min 2nd mvt harmony viola
—–Vivaldi A min 3rd mvt harmony viola
—–Vivaldi A min 2nd mvt harmony – cello
—–Vivaldi A min 3rd mvt harmony – cello





Series #2

ALL Series #2 music will be performed from memory, including harmony parts.
20-minute Concert Order for Zoo Lights concerts

Carol Medley (with transitions)
—–Here We Come a’Caroling (Kaleidoscope 2)
—–God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Festive Strings)
—–Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella (Kaleidoscope 2)
—–The Infant King (Kaleidoscope 1)
—–Joy to the World (Festive Strings)
Canon in D, Pachelbel
Humoresque/Swanee River
Chanukah Medley
—–S’Vivon (Festive Strings)
—–Dreidel ((More Festive Strings)
Bugler’s Holiday, Anderson
Jingle Bells (Flex-ability Holiday)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Kaleidoscope 1)

Other concerts will include review pieces from Series 1.

New repertoire for Series 2:

Pachelbel Canon in D – arr. Schuh
—–Pachelbel Canon in D RECORDING
—–Pachelbel Canon Violin Part RECORDING
—–Pachelbel Canon in D – Violin
—–Pachelbel Canon in D – Viola
Anderson, Buglers Holiday
—–Bugler’s Holiday RECORDING
—–Bugler’s Holiday vln 1 recording
—–Bugler’s Holiday vln 2 recording
—–Bugler’s Holiday vln 3 recording
—–Buglers Holiday vln 1   Buglers Holiday vln 2   Buglers Holiday vln 3   sheet music
—–Buglers Holiday Viola 1   Buglers Holiday viola 2   Buglers Holiday Viola 3   sheet music
—–Buglers Holiday Cello   sheet music
—–Buglers Holiday Piano Score

Selected carols and holiday music from
Christmas Kaleidoscope
Festive Strings & More Festive Strings
Flex-ability Holiday – Lopez


Series #1

Please note, in the event that Suzuki harmony parts are not yet memorized, we will allow reading for the harmony parts, only in Series #1 concerts. 
Please bring sheet music and a music stand with you to classes and concerts. 

Suzuki Repertoire
Fiocco, Allegro (book 6)
—–Fiocco Harmony – violin
—–Fiocco Allegro harmony viola

Bach, Gavotte, unaccompanied (book 5)
—–Bach Unacc Gavotte harmony – violin
—–Bach Gavotte harmony viola

Vivaldi, Concerto in A Minor, 1st mvt (book 4)
—–Vivaldi A Minor 1st mvt harmony – violin
—–Vivaldi A min 1st mvt harmony viola

—–Vivaldi A min 1st mvt harmony  – cello
Bach, Double, 1st movement (violin books 4 & 5, viola book 5)
—–Bach Double 1st mvt harmony – violin
—–Bach Double 1st mvt harmony viola

Seitz, Concerto No. 5, 1st mvt (book 4)
—–Seitz 5-1 harmony  – violin
—–Seitz 5-1 harmony viola

Dvorak, Humoresque (book 3) with Swanee River
—–Humoresque Swanee River – Violin
—–Humoresque Swanee River – Viola

Solos for Young Violinists, Vol. 2
Clebanoff, Millionaire’s Hoedown
—–Millionaire’s Hoedown recording

—–Devils Dream in A practice tempo recording   Devils Dream in D practice tempo recording
—–Chicken Reel practice tempo recording
—–Millionaire’s Hoedown complete violin part
—–Devils Dream Chicken Reel violin
—–Devils Dream Chicken Reel viola

Fiddle music
Lover’s Waltz
—–Lover’s Waltz duet Violin 1
—–Lover’s Waltz duet Violin 2
—–Lovers Waltz Piano Score
Wizard’s Walk
—–Wizard’s Walk score bowed

—–Wizard’s Walk vln 1 bowed
—–Wizard’s Walk vln 2 bowed
Deep in the Heart of Texas

—–Deep in the Heart of Texas – Violin I and recording
—–Deep in the Heart of Texas – Violin II
—–Deep in the Heart of Texas – Viola
—–Deep in the Heart of Texas – Cello
—–Deep in the Heart of Texas piano score

Greenville Tour music (optional)
—–Bile em Cabbage Group – Violin 1 (easy)
—–Bile em Cabbage Group – Violin 2 (intermediate)
—–Bile em Cabbage Group – Violin 3 (adv)
—–Bile Em Cabbage Group – viola 2 (int)
—–Bile Em Cabbage Group – viola 3 (adv)
—–Bile them Cabbage Cello melody
—–Bile them Cabbage Cello bass line

—–Go Tell Aunt Rhody in D with fiddle rhody violin
—–Aunt Rhody Goes to Texas – viola
—–Go Tell Aunt Rhody Cello
Milk Cow Blues
—–Milk Cow Blues   Milk Cow Blues recording
—–Milk Cow Blues Harmony    Milk Cow Blues Twin Fiddle recording

additional Greenville music and Fiddle Weekend info at

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