what they are saying about their lessons…

“You definitely have a special gift of teaching violin to children.”
R.K. Houston

“Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. You have taught me finger patterns, theory, posture, and Technique. We thank you.”
R.L. Katy (age 10)

“You were referred to me as the ‘best in the world‘ violin teacher.”
L.W. Missouri City

“Congratulations again on a very successful display for hardwork and talent from your studio!”
(after 17 students participated in a local solo/ensemble festival)
Y.W. Houston

“How impressive was your student, exhibiting so much poise, while performing all by herself!  Wow!  She is a veteran graduate, having achieved (Suzuki Graduation) Level 5!!!  And at such a young age!  I could learn a thing or two from you on how to motivate students!  Very impressive!”
(after hearing a Suzuki Graduation concert)
M.M. College Station

“Having all of them (my children) there has been a challenge… I was at the end of my rope when we left. Thanks for your unending supply of patience! I’m amazed at how you can turn anything into a positive learning experience!”
D.L. Katy

“You are the epitome of good teaching. I learn so much about my own teaching just by watching my daughter’s lesson.”
J.S. Sugar Land (school teacher)

“Thanks so so much (for the special arrangement of his favorite song). This made his day! I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for that lesson. We have been out of town and I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t had a chance. Thank you for that lesson. It really inspired him and gave him some fun things to do on top of his normal practice. He left there saying he had so much fun. Thanks!”
H.L. Houston

“I wanted to thank you for a great year! (my children) have come such a long way with you! All three of them have a renewed interest and drive to play better. You’ve definitely made a difference not only in their music, but in their character as well! Thanks for helping to make our transition here (after moving from another state) so much better, it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without your involvement. Thanks for all the moral support in my struggles with raising middle school kids! We are looking forward to another great year!”

D.L. Katy

“…I am so pleased (and she is too) at how much better she sounds with more and longer practices!”
(comment from a parent after increasing lesson length from 30 minutes to one hour)
N.S. Sugar Land

“…are your ears burning?  We just came from (our school) orch concert where (another parent) and I were just talking about what a wonderful & powerful influence you have been in both our kids’ lives.  No joke!”
L. G. Sugar Land

“We are all so happy to have you as the kids’ teacher.  The night we went and observed your lessons (my child) said “That’s our violin teacher.” after we left.  That was all it took to convince me, especially coming from them!
D.L. Katy

“Thanks for knowing (my child) so well, and thanks for always being the calming and positive force she needs.”
N.J. Houston

“Thanks! We both have a great teacher. All the credits should go to you.”
(after receiving a compliment on their wonderful recital performance)
H.A. Houston

“…The things (our new teacher) puts emphases on are different from yours and the difference is interesting for me. (My child) is now learning and working on new techniques, but sometimes I feel I can hear your voice saying “posture!” “pinky emergency!” : )  I miss them and I miss you.”
“I really miss the days with violin in America. Those are shining in my memory and like a treasure in my heart. I would like to thank you again for everything you let us experience. But as you have told (my child), we will do as what our (new) teacher says and keep on working. (My child) has a got new violin and practicing Minuet. (My child) is not so grumpy anymore now : )   I hope you will listen to (my child) playing someday.”
(note from a parent after they moved out of the country)
M.S. Central Asia

“Thanks for your unending supply of patience! I’m amazed at how you can turn anything into a positive learning experience!”
D.L. Katy

“…last night’s concert went great!  (My son) did so well in his solo; you would have been very proud.  He played loud enough to be heard over the orchestra, but his tone and dynamics were outstanding!  Thank you so much for helping him be well prepared.”
J.G. Houston

“Thanks for group on Friday.  (My child) really enjoyed it.  She came out of there saying “She really liked her teacher and when could we go back”.  I think she would love it every week.  I knew it was what she needed to inspire her.”
(after a HASSA Group Class with Miss Danette)
F.L. Bellaire

(my son) has definitely been my blessing in this with all of his good news lately. Just got back from his awards ceremony at school – that along with getting into chamber (orchestra), he’s done amazing this year. I never would have guessed he would be this successful after last year! Thanks for all your help and encouragement pushing him along!
D.L. Katy

“(your student) played extremely well today in the audition and won the 1st Corelli solo- It’s great to hear him playing so well. Thank you for your help- behind a good sounding student, there is always a good teacher.”
A.V. FBISD Orchestra Director

“Thank you again for wonderful, open communication and flexibility with us! It is greatly appreciated!”
E.J. Sugar Land

“(my child) is quite excited at the opportunity to have a longer lesson!” (after receiving the suggestion to increase weekly lesson time from 30 minutes to one hour)
D.L. Katy

“Thank you so much for ‘taking me on’ as a student this fall. I have wanted to play violin for many years and now it is a reality. I love the sound (well… most of the time) and I love to practice.
I like your ‘style’ of teaching. I appreciate your ‘pickiness’ in technique. I would much rather take longer in the beginning and get good technique than go quickly through the books.”
K.M. Sugar Land