Living Social Offer

Thank you for purchasing our offer from Living Social. Please see the following FAQ’s below, and fill out the following form to redeem your offer.

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Q. Do I have to pay the registration fee?

A. No, it is not required to enjoy your 4 weeks of the Living Social promotional offer. To continue classes after your first 4 weeks, you will pay the $35.00 registration fee. This entitles you to our Home Activity Pack with the CD and booklet, “Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes”, of all the songs we use in class.

Q. Can I just show up to a class without filling out the form below, or can I just fill out the form and just show up? 

A. No. We have limited class space and need to know how many students will be there. Please fill out the form below and you will receive a confirmation email from us before coming to your first class.

Q. I have two children. Can I bring my other child to class?

A. In the Dolce Babies class, there is a one-to-one parent-child requirement. Only one child can participate with one parent in class. Your Living Social offer is good for 4 consecutive classes for the same child.
We do offer on-site musical activity babysitting for siblings. There is an additional charge and must be requested in advance to guarantee space is available. $5.00 per class per child.

Q. What should we wear?

A. Dress comfortably to move around and sit on the floor. Please be prepared to take off your shoes and your child’s shoes. Either bare feet or socks are fine.

Q. I don’t know anything about music. What do I need to do?

A. Just relax, follow the teacher, participate as you feel comfortable, and have a good time! It is not necessary to have prior musical knowledge before coming to class. Our teachers will demonstrate all the class activities. We encourage you to sing along and enjoy the music.

Q. What if my child is shy or doesn’t want to try the activities?

A. Don’t worry. Your child is learning just as much by listening and observing as they would by doing. We allow each child to learn at their own pace, taking each step when they are ready. Our goal is to provide a stress-free learning environment so they will soon become comfortable in the new situation and be eager to try new activities.